AT 3:00 PM ON SATURDAY, MAY 12TH, 2019.

Before you leave, there are some things you must do:

  1. Clean your apartment thoroughly
  2. Be sure your rent is paid
  3. Stop all deliveries
  4. Give change of address card to the mailman
  5. Stop your cable service
  6. Pay next year’s deposit if returning
  7. Sign next year’s lease if returning

We realize how much the return of your deposit means to you, and we want you to receive it, in full. However, there are some things that must be done for that to happen:

  1. Your entire rent must be paid in full
  2. All electric and water bills must be paid
  3. Your house must be cleaned and all damages repaired.

Things you must clean and/or repair:

  1. Refrigerator
  2. Kitchen sinks and counter tops
  3. Oven, range top, and range hood
  4. Kitchen Floor, under refrigerator and under sink
  5. Bathrooms (Floor, sink, tub, and toilet)
  6. All posters, tape & nails removed from walls
  7. All light bulbs in working order
  8. All your belongings removed
  9. All rugs cleaned
  10. All Trash removed to dumpster
  11. All curtains hung
  12. All furniture in the property room and assembled
  13. All windows & screens repaired
  14. All doors and jambs repaired
  15. No holes in walls
  16. All furniture in good shape

The following is a list of what we will charge you for, if you decide not to clean it:


  1. Refrigerator
  2. Oven and range
  3. Kitchen sinks
  4. Kitchen floor
  5. Tub only
  6. Total Bathroom
  7. Trash removal
  8. Furniture removal
  9. Vacuuming


  1. Panel replacement
  2. Door jamb repair
  3. Inside door replacement
  4. Exterior door replacement
  5. Wallboard repairs
  6. Window glass replace
  7. Replace Broken Furniture


  1. Assemble bed
  2. Kitchen chair
  3. Curtain
  4. Mattress
  5. General cleaning (ceiling, walls, yard, etc.)
  6. Fire extinguisher
  7. Smoke alarm
  8. Move furniture

Please do not leave your discarded furniture near your house.
Carry them to the dumpster and place next to the dumpster, not in it.

Remember, you must have all your belongings out and turn in your keys by 3:00pm on Saturday May 13th. No exceptions.
There will be no parties of any size or type, or any loud music during finals week.

Thank you for staying at Briar cliff. If you are are returning, have a nice summer. If you are graduating or just not returning to Briar Cliff, good luck in life.