Group Leave Overview

The Group rents a four-bedroom house for an entire school year. There are two payments, one when you move in in August and one in January when you come back from Christmas break. All members of the group are equally and severally responsible for all terms of the lease. That means, if one of the members of the group breaks the lease, all members of the group have broken the lease. When you decide to sign a group lease, you need to be picky as to with whom you select to live. If eviction is necessary, all members of the group go, not just one.

The rent for the group this year is $9900.00 per semester for two semesters. That means they will pay the $9900.00 twice. No one-semester leases will be accepted.

The group can consist of from 1 to 5 persons. A group can be coed. The amount of rent each group member pays is decided by the group. For example, they may decide to divide the rent equally, or they may decide to have those with their own room pay more than those sharing rooms.


Those payments must add up to the total of $9900.00 for each semester.

Each person will pay a $450.00 security deposit. Your group pays all utilities just like a family does. One member of the group pays a deposit of $200.00 to the Borough of Kutztown before they move in. The Borough will send water and electric bills directly to your apartment.

A group can change members of the group at any time, but any changes must be made through the Briar Cliff office and each new member of the group must have a deposit in his name and sign the lease.