Important Information Regarding Move-In

Office hours for move-in weekend:
Saturday, august 27, 2016 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday, august 28, 2016 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
No exceptions will be made for early move-in (this includes moving anything into the house)

Utility deposit:

Two bedroom group lease: one member of your group must pay the borough of Kutztown the required $200.00 deposit before moving in.
A receipt for that deposit must be shown to us at the time of move-in.
Borough of Kutztown telephone number is: 610-683-6131

Four bedroom group or individual lease:
You have two options for paying your utilities:

Option one: same as above two bedroom group lease

Option two: pay a $3600.00 deposit to briar cliff.

This amount is divided by the number of people in your house.
4 people in house – each person pays $900.00
5 people in house – each person pays $720.00

This is payable to briar cliff and due no later than august 12th.
(each month the bill will come to the briar cliff office. We will divide the bill by the number of people in the house. You will receive a copy of your bill and a ledger. At the end of the lease we will return any unused money. However, if your house uses up your initial deposit you will be required to place a second deposit.)

Your house must decide as a group which way you wish to pay your utilities.

Rent payment:

Your rent is due when you move in. Each person will pay their share of the rent.
You do not need to come to the office as a group. Each person may come individually. We accept checks, money orders or cash.

Please pay by check or money order if possible, payable to briar cliff.

We do not accept credit or debit cards.

You receive your set of keys when you pay your rent.

Payment options:

Option one: pay in full at move-in

Two bedroom: rent is $6900.00 per semester for the house
2 people – $3450.00 per person per semester
3 people – $2300.00 per person per semester
4 people – $1725.00 per person per semester
(or rent can be divided up however the group agrees as long as the total of $6900.00 per semester is paid for the house)

Four bedroom:
4 people – $2475.00 per person per semester
5 people – $1980.00 per person per semester
(or rent can be divided up however the group agrees as long as the total of $9900.00 per semester is paid for the house)

Option two:
Pay 1/3 of your share of the rent (based on above) at move in. Pay balance on or before October 1st.

Option three:
Pay rent in three payments as follows:
1/3 of your share of the rent at move in
1/3 on or before October 1st
1/3 on or before November 1st

If you choose option two or three please bring a signed letter of agreement with your 1st payment.
It should include your name, briar cliff address how you are paying the balance.

Cable and internet services:

Service electric

You should arrange for cable and internet service before you move in.

Please do not call the briar cliff office with questions regarding cable/internet services or procedures for getting service hooked up. We will refer you back to service electric.

Renters insurance

We strongly suggest you purchase renters insurance.
It is inexpensive and well worth the small investment.

Contact your insurance agent
Or call:
Steve Drasher, agent
223 w. Main st
Kutztown, pa 19530

Pet policy

Please refer to your lease regarding pets.
No pets are allowed at briar cliff!
Please be aware that if an animal is seen at your house we will file for eviction.
There will be no warnings!


Your house is furnished as follows:

Kitchen table and chairs

Sofa, arm chair, table and lamp in living room

Standard twin frame & mattress, desk, chair and dresser in bedroom (per person)

Houses have wall to wall carpeting in all rooms except bathrooms and kitchen.

All windows have curtains.

Kitchen is equipped with a full-size refrigerator and stove.

You will need a microwave, coffee pot, linens, dishes, utensils, shower curtains and anything else you use on a daily basis.